When making a kitless or bespoke fountain pen, there’s one part which usually is not made by the artisan pen maker – the nib.

A fountain pen nib is key to a perfect writing experience and it’s a complicated part to make, which is why many kitless pens are made using Bock, Schmidt or Jowo nibs. At UK Pen Blanks we supply fountain pen nibs from Bock – These nibs are made to the highest standard by Peter Bock in Germany. Bock fountain pen nibs have been in production since 1939 and supply nibs to many of the leading pen manufacturers.

We have gilded steel nibs in sizes 5 and 6 in stock, the nibs include the ink feed and housing, the three parts called a triple.

The remainder of the kitless pen parts are the section, the body, cap and optionally a clip. The section is one of the most complicated parts to make, with a number of threads needing to be cut. If you don’t wish to invest in all the taps and dies needed to cut these fine threads then a ready made section could be the answer. As part of our kitless pen range we are stocking Bock fountain pen sections, currently available in size 5 and 6 in matt black.