At UK Pen Blanks we’ve taken the step to produce our own label cast pen blanks to fill a gap in our products. We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to perfect the process and are now ready to provide a great product to our customers.

What are Label Cast Pen Blanks?

We start with a tube for a specific pen kit – for example our first blanks will be made for the Sierra style of pen kit – This size of tube covers a wide range of pen kits including the Gatsby, Wallstreet, TM Ares, Beaufort Ink Sirroco & Zephyr.

We design & print onto labels specifically sized for the tube and apply these to the tube ensuring the design looks great and the seam where possible is not noticeable. When a design has contrasting colours on either side, the seam will be more visible, this is often mostly hidden by the pen clip.

Once the label has been applied we place in moulds and cover with a resin which when set produces a crystal clear blank, like glass.

Then it’s over to you – there’s no drilling needed, you just simply need to trim the blank to the tube – you can use a blank trimmer or would would suggest for better results using a sanding fitment on your lathe to great a crisp straight line against the tube, ensuring a great fit against your kit.

We recommend turning the blanks at very high speed, with very sharp tools. Once turned to required shape, finish as you would with other acrylic blanks. Everyone has their own method, at UK Pen Blanks we finish our acrylic pen blanks by sanding to 240, applying Yorkshire Grit, then either applying Yorkshire Grit Micro Fine or using Micro Mesh pads. When sanding acrylic the speed should be turned down to reduce heat build up.

Once you got not scratches and a glass like finish you are done and ready to fit the blank to your kit. Take car when inserting the kit not to apply too much pressure which could (as with any blank) split the blank.

You and your customers will be delighted at the options available with Label Cast pen blanks and the fantastic finish that’s available.

We’ve added a video which shows some of the blanks we have made that have just been de-moulded – These are playing card label cast pen blanks along with a couple of others.