Jazz Bolt Pen Kit Bundle
Jazz Bolt Pen Kit Bundle Bushings Copper Jazz Bolt Pen Kit Gold Jazz Bolt Pen Kit Satin Gold Jazz Bolt Pen Kit Gun Metal Jazz Bolt Pen Kit Chrome Jazz Bolt Pen Kit Satin Nickel Jazz Bolt Pen Kit 9.1mm...
Melamine Lacquer - Chestnut Products
Quick drying, hard wearing full gloss melamine lacquer. When you’re looking for a hard-wearing, heat and water resistant, quick drying gloss lacquer you need look no further than Melamine Lacquer. Based on cellulose technology, Melamine Lacquer has a catalyst suspended...
£12.60 £11.99
200mm Magenta Pearl - Kirinite Pen Blank
The 200mm Magenta Pearl Kirinite Pen Blank is made in Italy from high quality Kirinite acrylic resin At 200mm in length, the Magenta Pearl Kirinite Pen Blank is fantastic for Kitless Pens. You can make your section body and cap from one...
£4.99 £3.99
Manager Fountain Pen Kit
Manager Fountain Pen Kit available in: Gold Chrome Gun Metal A 27/64" Drill Bit is required for the Manager pen kit along with Manager bushings
Euro Pen Kit - Satin Silver
Classic european styling, exceptional balance and comfort are only a few of the many features that make european pen kits a favorite among veteran & new pen turners. You will need Euro Pen Kit bushings and a 7mm drill bit
Mini bullet key ring kits - Black
Black plating with copper bullet tip. Mini mini bullet keychain kits. it is a fun, practical project that’s easy to make Approx length of the finished item is 70mm 7mm Drill Bit needed  
Credit Card Pen Kit - Chrome
Chrome Credit Card pen kits. Chrome plating. This miniature pen is about the size of a credit card! You can turn this with standard slimline bushings. 7mm Drill bit needed
20 Blank variety Pack - Acrylic Kirinite Pen Blanks
A pack of 20 Kirinite pen blanks you will receive a variety of Kirinite pen blanks with a maximum of 2 of each different designs available at a discount to buying individually. This is a cast thermoset acrylic resin based...
£70.00 £60.00
200mm Patriot - Kirinite Pen Blank
At 200mm in length, the Patriot Kirinite Pen Blank is fantastic for Kitless Pen making. You can make your section, body and cap from one blank. What this also means, is that you can also use the blank for single...
£4.99 £3.99
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Burnishing Cream - Chestnut Products
A fine abrasive liquid for burnishing oils and lacquers to a bright gloss finish. This creamy liquid has a very mild abrasive within it which acts like ‘liquid sandpaper’ on finished surfaces, cutting back and cleaning the finish and elevating...
£13.92 £12.99
Sold Out
Chrome Jr Gentleman Roller Ball Pen Kit (upgraded version)
This is the Chrome Jr Gentleman Rollerball Pen Kit (upgraded version) Drill Bits required: 10.4mm 12.1mm  The upgrade has some improvements on the threads in the centerband and nib. The diameter of both tubes is increased by 0.6mm from the...
Sold Out
Yorkshire Grit Abrasive Paste - Original & Microfine Combo Pack
Just what you've been looking for! A combo pack of Yorkshire Grit combining both the Original & Microfine abrasive pastes This fantastic abrasive paste is pretty much universal – You can use on wood, acrylic & hybrid pen blanks (It’s...
Sold Out
Chrome key ring whistle kit
Chrome key ring whistle kit
Sold Out
Chrome Slimline Pen Kit
We have slimline kits in a number of different platings, this kit comes in chrome plating. Chrome Slimline kits are great starter kits as they come at a fantastic price so don't cause too much anguish if something goes wrong!...
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