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Acrylic Gloss Lacquer - Chestnut
Bright Gloss Acrylic lacquer in an easy to use aerosol spray. 400ml If you don’t have access to spraying equipment, this aerosol lacquer will give you a great finish quickly and easily. A spray application is particularly relevant when trying to...
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Acrylic Sanding Sealer (Aerosol) - Chestnut Products
Easy to apply water based sanding sealer giving a tough base for finishing. It’s important to use a sanding sealer on most items; it gives a good foundation to your piece and can help the next coat to adhere properly...
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Acrylic Sanding Sealer - Chestnut Products
Water based sanding sealer for all timber. This water based sanding sealer gets the job done without the smell associated with solvent based sealers and also with no flammability issues – ideal for asthma sufferers and anyone with an aversion...
£12.30 £10.99
Acrylic Satin Lacquer - Chestnut Products
Hard wearing acrylic satin lacquer in an easy to apply aerosol. When you need to protect your work but don’t want an overpowering shine on it, Acrylic Satin Lacquer is an ideal choice. With the benefit of an easy aerosol...
£8.52 £7.99
AeroGun - Spray Gun - Chestnut Products
Spraying almost always gives the best finish, the AeroGun fits any of our aerosol lacquers and sealers and makes a simple job even easier. Perfectly shaped to fit in your hand, the easy pull trigger mechanism depresses the nozzle without...
£5.99 £4.99
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Black Superglue - Chestnut Products
Black Superglue (CA Glue) 20g bottle of quality thick viscosity CA (Cyanoacrylate) Black Glue A great glue for gap filling and covering the base of ring inlays Slower drying, up to 60 seconds when applied thickly. Quality CA glue from...
Buffing Accessory Pack - Chestnut Products
All the items you need to use the Chestnut Products Buffing System except the wheels – the perfect add-on when buying the Buffing Tree, the 8 inch wheels or the 4 inch wheels or the Dome Buffs The kit comprises of...
£32.40 £29.99
Buffing Compounds - Chestnut Products
Used with Buffing Wheels or Dome Buffs to prepare for final finishing coat. These compounds are designed to co-ordinate with the cloth used in the Buffing Wheels and Dome Buffs to give an exceptional cut and prepare the surface to...
Buffing Tree - Chestnut Products
The Buffing Tree comprises of three 6 inch wheels, in the A, B and C cloth grades, firmly held on a central spindle.  It’s ideal for buffing small items and, after loading the wheels with the compounds and wax, allows...
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Burnishing Cream - Chestnut Products
A fine abrasive liquid for burnishing oils and lacquers to a bright gloss finish. This creamy liquid has a very mild abrasive within it which acts like ‘liquid sandpaper’ on finished surfaces, cutting back and cleaning the finish and elevating...
£13.92 £12.99
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Cellulose Sanding Sealer (Aerosol) - Chestnut Products
Getting a good base for your finishing is essential when you want to get a great finish. Sometimes the piece you’re working on makes that more difficult due to its shape or size or for many other reasons.Or sometimes you...
£9.48 £8.49
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Cellulose Sanding Sealer - Chestnut Products
A quick drying sealer which provides an excellent base for all Chestnut Products’ finishes which require the use of a sealer. This formula does not contain harmful petroleum solvents such as toluene and xylene. Good finishing requires a good foundation,...
£11.34 £9.99
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Cellulose Thinners - Chestnut Products
High quality pure thinners for cellulose based products and Spirit Stain. This pure cellulose solvent is a high quality dilutant for our cellulose based products, such as Cellulose Sanding Sealer and Melamine Lacquer.Thinning these products can help to make them...
£10.08 £8.99
Chestnut Acrylic Lacquer
Water based and hard wearing gloss lacquer from Chestnut Products. If you need to get away from the smell and flammability of our cellulose based lacquers this is an ideal option.This water based lacquer has virtually no smell and is...
£12.60 £11.99
Chestnut Gilt Cream
Bright metallic gilt waxes for decorating timber in Gold, Silver and Copper. Gilt Creams are a creamy, waxy paste with metallic flakes and pigments in them, giving a rich, lustrous finish to whatever they are applied to. The can be...
£11.34 £9.99
Cut n Polish - Chestnut Products
A mildly abrasive wax to prepare and polish sanding sealers. Cut’n’Polish is a blend of two waxes with a fine abrasive held in suspension within them. This is a soft wax designed to stay ‘wet’ slightly longer during application, allowing...
Debonder - Chestnut Products
Accidents will happen, whether you’ve misaligned something you’ve stuck together with superglue or you’ve stuck your hand to the desk! DeBonder will dissolve superglue to allow the bond to be broken should you need to. You can also use it...
£4.74 £4.49
Finishing Oil (Danish Oil) - Chestnut Products
Tung oil based hard wearing finish suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Finishing Oil is Chestnut Products version of Danish Oil and uses Tung Oil as its base but with the addition of solvents and driers. This aids the drying of the...
£10.74 £9.99
Foam Brushes - Chestnut Products
Made in the USA, these are the original and best quality Foam Brush. Manufactured using a special foam with a stiffener inside to make sure they keep their shape in use, and supplied with a solid wooden handle attached. Great...
from £2.75
Food Safe Finish - Chestnut Products
Clear oil finish for any items that come into contact with food. Food Safe Finish is a clear, food grade mineral oil. We use a thin grade of oil to allow it to soak into bare timber which then protects...
French Polish - Chestnut Products - 500ml
A high quality french polish with a very heavy concentration of shellac to give the traditional amber glow associated with fine furniture. 500ml
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Friction Polish - Chestnut Products
Gives a high gloss finish quickly and easily, ideal for use on or off the lathe. Friction Polish is a shellac based polish ideal for creating a high gloss finish on or off the lathe. It’s a great decorative finish...
£17.04 £15.99
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Gloss Hard Wax Oil - Chestnut Products
A very hard wearing, clear oil. Easy to apply and quick drying, gives a high gloss finish - also available in a satin finish. If you’re looking for a clear finish that is tough, hardwearing and very easy to apply,...
£15.78 £13.99
Iridescent Paint Starter Set - Chestnut Products
Iridescent Paints give a change in hue, a slight colour shift when viewed from different angles and are especially effective on irregularly shaped items.   Available in nine different amazingly bright and vibrant colours – Green Azure Purple Red Turquoise...
£32.76 £29.99
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