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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are UK Pen Blanks?

UK Pen Blanks are an online only retailer specialising in pen turning / pen making tools, pen kits & blanks/blocks. We are based in the UK but ship Worldwide.

The Royal Mail tracking says "This item is on its way to Royal Mail. The sender has advised they’ve despatched your item to us." Why haven't you sent it?

This message actually means that Royal Mail have the parcel (Our parcels are collected by Royal Mail daily), but they have not yet processed it at the sorting office. This often updates later that day or the following morning

I sent you a message, why haven't you responded?

Please allow at least 24 hours for a reply. This excludes weekends as this is my family time.

UK Pen Blanks is owned and run by 1 person (Phillip - me!) I am also responsible for making pen blanks, packing parcels, web design, accounting and making an occasional drink so I am quite stretched at times!!

What is a pen blank?

Pen blanks are blocks of a material which is crafted into a pen using a lathe.

They are typically made from wood, acrylic (plastic) or Hybrid (A combination of wood & acrylic).

Pen blanks can also be used to make seam rippers, shaving kit handles, keyrings, light pulls and much more!

What size are pen blanks?

Pen blanks usually come in 2 sizes. Either 200mm x 20mm x 20mm OR 130mm x 20mm x 20mm.

Variations in these sizes do happen, some have widths of 18mm & 19mm and other pen blanks for larger pen kits can be up to 25mm.

Lengths can also vary, 130mm, 135mm, 150mm, 200mm & 300mm

What is a pen kit?

A pen kit is a collection of parts that, when assembled with a finished pen blank make a complete pen.

Pen kits can be rollerballs, ballpoints, fountain pens and pencil kits are also available.

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