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Pen Turning Kits

Fountain Pen Kits

Fountain Pen Kits

A great range of quality fountain pen turning kits including Aston, Manager, Jr Gent & Mysterious Sky.
Rollerball Pen Kits<

Rollerball Pen Kits

Rollerball pen making kits in many styles & colours including chrome, gold & gunmetal.
Ballpoint Pen Kits

Ballpoint Pen Kits

Quality penturning kits with ballpoint refills such as Cerra, Steampunk, Hex, Euro & Slimline for pen makers.

Pen Making Finishes

The Buffing Tree comprises of three 6 inch wheels, in the A, B and C cloth grades, firmly held on a central spindle. It’s ideal for buffing small items and, after loading the wheels with the compounds and wax, allows you to move from one wheel to the next in quick succession, dramatically reducing the time otherwise taken up by changing wheels. Ideal for polishing small items such as rings, pens, boxes etc in batches. Requires a large buffing tree mandrel to fix to the chuck and a live centre for support at the tailstock.

Chestnut Buffing & Polishing

A great range of quality buffing and sanding products from Chestnut.
Melamine Lacquer - Chestnut Products

Melamine Lacquer

This is our preffered finish for wood pens
Abrasive with a net backing, highly flexible and long lasting with reduced clogging. These top quality abrasive sheets, made in Switzerland, measure 70 x125mm. They use an aluminium oxide abrasive, blue fired to remove impurities, for a longer lasting and clean sanding action, and the knitted fabric backing allows the dust generated to simply pass through, giving a longer working time without having to de-clog the abrasive. The sheets are very flexible and fold and bend easily to mould themselves to the shape of the piece being worked on. The backing is also compatible with hook-and-loop style fixings.

Sanding & Sealers

Chesnut Products Cellulose & Acrylic sanding sealers. net and cloth back abrasive.

Wood, Acrylic & Hybrid Pen Turning Blanks

Laminated Birch Pen Blanks

Laminated Birch Pen Blanks

We have Spectraply, Frog Blanks & more woodturning blanks.
Kirinite Pen Blanks - Acrylic pearl, ice and swirl pen making blanks

Kirinite Pen Blanks

World famous Italian made Kirinite is top quality & hugely popular amongst wood turners & pen makers.
Giraffe & Zebra Pen Blanks

Giraffe & Zebra Pen Blanks

Unique pen blanks hand made in USA in the style of Giraffe & Zebra skin.

Kitless & Custom Pen Making Blanks

Bock fountain pen nibs sections for kitless and custom pen makers Uk & worldwide delivery

Bock Fountain Pen Nibs

Steel fountain pen nibs made by Peter Bock in Germany.
Juma Dragon and snake Pen turning Blanks

Juma Pen Blanks

300mm & 150mm Juma Acrylic Pen Blanks Snake & Dragon effects.
Japanese Ebonite Pen Blanks, premium quality ebonite cusstom pen making rods

Japanese Ebonite Pen Blanks

We have black, single colour, mottle & ripple effect top quality ebonite pen making rods.

Woodturning Project Kits

Gilette Fusion Razor Handle kit

Razor handle Kits

To suit the Fusion Razor kit in gold, chrome & gun metal platings.
Keyring Kits, woodturning project making kits for wood turners

Keyring Kits

Bullet, whistles and more.
Seam Ripper Kits - wood or aacrylic handles made by woodturners for bespoke seam ripper kits

Seam Ripper Kits

In gold & chrome with/without necklace attachment.

Pen Turning Tools & Accessories

Universal Pen Mandrel & Turning Kit 2MT The popular Universal Pen Mandrel and accessories are now available as a complete, portable kit packed in a sturdy carrying case. The mandrel can be used to accommodate either one or two pen parts at a time and is suitable for turning the vast majority of pen kits. Suitable for 2MT lathes

Pen Mandrels

Quality pen turning mandrels
Pen Kit Bushings

Pen Kit Bushings

Size matters
Yorkshire Grit


Sanding pads, Yorkshire Grit. A perfect finish for pens and other wood turned items
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