Dialux Polishing Compound / Rouges
A range of 8 Dialux block compounds for cutting, polishing & final finishing See description below for details on colour usage: Cutting: Grey - Titanium, Platinum & Stainless Steel (fast, coarse cutting, excellent for taking out marks)   Orange -...
Rotary Tool Felt Polishing Point Set 6 piece
Rotary Tool Felt Polishing Point Set 6 piece Felt polishing points for cleaning and polishing metals, alloys, ceramics, tiles, stone, glass, plastics and fibreglass. Can be used with polishing compounds. Compatible with most rotary tools including Silverline, GMC and Dremel....
Buffing Tree - Chestnut Products
The Buffing Tree comprises of three 6 inch wheels, in the A, B and C cloth grades, firmly held on a central spindle.  It’s ideal for buffing small items and, after loading the wheels with the compounds and wax, allows...
Buffing Compounds - Chestnut Products
Used with Buffing Wheels or Dome Buffs to prepare for final finishing coat. These compounds are designed to co-ordinate with the cloth used in the Buffing Wheels and Dome Buffs to give an exceptional cut and prepare the surface to...
Buffing Accessory Pack - Chestnut Products
All the items you need to use the Chestnut Products Buffing System except the wheels – the perfect add-on when buying the Buffing Tree, the 8 inch wheels or the 4 inch wheels or the Dome Buffs The kit comprises of...
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Large Buffing Tree Mandrel
This large buffing tree mandrel is available separately or come as part of the Buffing Wheel Kit. It should be used with the Chestnut Buffing Tree. The mandrel is made in the UK and are zinc plated for maximum protection. Due to...
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