Black & Yellow Swirls - Acrylic Kirinite Pen Blank
Black & Yellow Swirls is a fantastic new Kirinite acrylic resin pen blank This is a cast thermoset acrylic resin based material, which is used extensively for writing instruments, fashion accessories and interior design. It is a very hard-wearing material...
Polyester Rangers Pen Blanks
From the same family as the famous Kirinite Pen Blanks comes the Polyester Rangers Pen Blanks collection: Blue Ranger Green Ranger Orange Ranger Red Ranger Purple Ranger Yellow Ranger Pink Ranger White Ranger
£3.00 £2.50
Acid Storm - Acrylic Kirinite Pen Blank
Acid Storm is a fantastic Kirinite acrylic pen blank Lovely pearl purple with yellow swirls
£3.50 £2.50
Royal Pearl - Kirinite Acrylic Pen Blank
Royal Pearl Kirinite Pen Blank made in Italy from premium quality Italian acrylic resin--Royal Pearl Kirinite Pen Blank The Royal Pearl Kirinite Pen Blank is a lovely blue pen blank with yellow swirls made in Italy from premium quality Kirinite...
Sold Out
Stabilized Maple Burr/Burl Hybrid Pen Blank - Green
Stabilized Maple Burr/Burl Hybrid Pen Blank - Green Approximate size: 22*22*145mm (Can vary slightly blank by blank as each is hand made & hand cut) Each blank is unique - the image shown is a typical example of the blank...
Sold Out
Blue & Yellow Stripe
Blue & Yellow Stripe Polyester Pen Blank Rod 150mm x 20mm x 20mm approx
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