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Nebula Glow in the dark Powder

Nebula Glow in the dark Powder


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Nebula Glow is a premium quality glow in the dark powder.

The powder is made of luminescent materials that allow it to glow brightly in the dark.

You can use the glow in the dark powder for ring making in a number of ways:

  • An initial layer on your ring core, then add items on top - for example Opal pieces, stone, cremation ashes, steampunk watch parts etc.
  • Use the glow powder to fill any small gaps once your ring is almost completed
  • On double inlay rings use glow powder in one of the inlays.
  • Mix the glow powder with crushed opal and apply as normal
  • Mix the glow powder with glitter for a sparkly glow
  • Glow pigment powder can be mixed with non-water based paint, transparent glue, CA, Clear Resin Epoxy etc
  • These are just a few examples - let us know how you use Nebula glow powder - send us your photos 

Glow Powder Sizes

We sell Nebula Glow in the dark powder in a number of different sizes suitable for a couple of rings, or larger quantities (10g, 20g, 50g & 100g) As an example, the image of the 6mm inlay ring pictured has just 1g of glow powder applied using CA glue.

Glow in the dark powder

Glow pigment powder works by being "charged" in daylight for around 10-20 minutes and then discharges that has glow time for up to 10-12 hours - It's amazingly bright! As this is a premium quality glow powder it gives the brightest and longest lasting glow.

In daylight the powder is a white/very pale yellow colour and this magically transforms to an aqua blue Nebula long lasting glow when in the dark.

Resin, CA & Epoxy

Once sealed and coated with CA, two part epoxy, one part UV resin or other mediums etc. the ring will be completely waterproof and a great ambient light source. The particle size of the glow powder is very small (approx 30mu), so whenever you mix glow powder or sprinkle glow-in-the-dark pigments or are working with resin crafts you should wear eye, hand and breathing protection. Although CA glue and UV resin dry quickly, you should allow 7 days for the full curing effect to take place.

Along with glow rings, aqua glow in the dark powder can be used to make incredible effects for arts and craft projects, keyrings - easy to find keys in the dark, pens, signs - the list of projects with affordable glow-in-the-dark pigments goes on...

What is glow in the dark powder?

Nebula Glow in the dark powder also called glow pigment or super phosphorescent powder is a type of environmentally friendly alkaline earth aluminate pigment. It is characterized by high brightness, long afterglow time and good weather resistance.

The main ingredients of glow in the dark powder are strontium aluminate and europium oxide. Strontium aluminate is a white powder that can absorb light energy and convert it into visible light. Europium oxide is a red powder that emits light when excited by strontium aluminate.

Glow in the dark powder can be mixed with other materials to create a variety of products that glow in the dark. These products include paints, inks, plastics, ceramics, glass, etc.

Is glow in the dark powder safe/toxic?

Long-lasting glow in the dark pigment products are safe to use. They are non-radioactive and non-toxic. 

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