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Pau Rosa - Exotic Wood Pen Blank

Pau Rosa - Exotic Wood Pen Blank


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Pau Rosa an exotic hardwood pen turning blank sized approx 150mm x 19mm x 19mm. Lovely to turn and finish on your woodturning lathe, a great blank for pen turners.

Pau Rosa pen turning blanks Bobgunnia fistuloides

Pau Rosa is an Exotic Wood Pen Blank (From Overseas) Africa, it's a beautiful tropical dense hardwood. Depending on the specific region of the trees’ growth, the colours can vary greatly from a medium chocolate brown to a Padauk like red or orange, or even include yellows and purples. It's grain is typically wavy or interlocked, and fairly course.

Despite its density, it is relatively easy to turn, it glues and finishes well. this exotic hardwood is perfect for pen turning.

Pau Rosa is not listed in the CITES Appendices, and it is reported by the IUCN as being a species of least concern.

Our wood Pau Rosa pen turning blanks are sufficiently dry and ready to turn on your lathe immediately.

Finishing wood pen blanks

We recommend the use of Yorkshire Grit sanding paste on most wood pen blanks including Pau Rosa. This can take the pain out of sanding. Before moving to sanding & finishing, remove your metal bushings and swap for HDPE non-stick bushings, this will prevent metal from the bushings staining the wood and if using CA etc, will prevent sticking.

If you sand to approx 240 grit then apply Yorkshire grit it will help you obtain the perfect finish on your wood pen blanks that we all look for in our hand made pens. The final finish on wooden pens is a personal choice and if you were to ask 10 pen turners what they used as a finish, you are likely to receive 10 different answers. Trying different methods until you find the one you prefer is the best bet! Ideas can include using CA (superglue), Renaissance wax, spray acrylic gloss & melamine lacquer.

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