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Wood Juice - Wood Stabiliser 32 fl. oz

Wood Juice - Wood Stabiliser 32 fl. oz


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Wood Juice

Wood Juice from Preservation Solutions is a specially formulated product for treating dry or semi-dry wood to prevent future checking, cracking and warping. This product will provide more stability to the wood. It was developed to compensate for the difference in lower moisture content of the drier wood. Whereas, Pentacryl is formulated to stabilise green or fresh cut wood with a higher moisture content.

Wood Juice does not contain silicone, wax or mineral oil. It will not discolor the wood and is non-hygroscopic, which means it does not take up moisture from the air. Wood Juice also will not oxidize, decompose or migrate in the wood when exposed to different degrees of temperature and relative humidity.

Directions: Use Wood Juice at room temperature and do not dilute it. Wood Juice works best on unfinished wood with a lower moisture content. It is recommended to wear safety glasses to prevent Wood Juice from splashing in and irritating your eyes. Read the directions completely. Clean up with soap and water.

  • Formulated to prevent future checking, cracking and warping.
  • A lighter version of Pentacryl which has been developed to stabilise dry or semi-dry timber as well as green wood.
  • Can also used in place of Pentacryl on green wood that is cut into small sizes, so makes it ideal for pen blanks and knife handles.
  • Wood Juice will rejuvenate old, dry wood.
  • It will not migrate into the wood and contains no silicon, wax or mineral oil.
  • Use on unfinished wood for best results.
  • Wood can be treated afterwards with any type of stain or finish.
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